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  1. Just fitted a dvr3 to my Austin 12 and extremly pleased with the result . Charges the battery at a steady rate and reacts instantly to load changes such as lights ond indicators. No longer have to worry about overcharging or undercharging the battery on long runs.

  2. Thanks for the swift response to my order, and your patience when I ordered the wrong polarity DVR2, and you swapped it immediately with no fuss.
    It’s such a good looking piece of kit, that it’s a shame to hide it away. I’ve fitted it under the seat, in the airflow, even though it doesn’t need it. It was so simple to fit, too. I’m so pleased with its performance, I’m advocating all my mates to use them on their old classics. There is nothing else out there to compare, as far as I’m concerned. The ammeter is steady, and shows a good rate of charge at a moderate riding speed with my lights on my 1960 Matchless G12 CSR.
    Thank you.

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