DVR Regulator Suppliers

On occasion we are asked whether we supply resellers with our regulators. And the answer is ‘yes we do’. For example we supply to Eugene ‘Skip’ Brolund in the USA, Pazon Ignitions of New Zealand, Eurobrit MC’s of Australia, Brightspark Magnetos over in France, and SRM Engineering and CD&RC* in the UK. However in the main we sell direct to end customers via our efficient website, including exporting to many countries (low postal rates).

DVR3 regulator
DRL’s DVR3N dynamo regulator

 * It appears that CDRC Ltd now use a regulator circuit design which was originated in the USA  in the majority of their units (ref ). Until around last year they primarily used our DVR3 & 4 regulators. These are easily recognised by the top quality distinctive CNC machined aluminium cases we employ.

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