Well, this is embarrassing

This week we sent out our last DVR2-N regulator, until new stocks arrive (expected early June). We really hate to disappoint would be customers, and being out of stock is obviously bad business. The Negative Earth DVR2 is one of our best selling products, in fact this past few months we have sold more Negative than Positive DVR2’s.

Predicting changing demand for products is something we always try to allow for. But this principal reason for the current shortage stems from unavailable parts . A key part we use in the design became unavailable with a lead time of many months until the manufacturer would process a new batch. So we asked our PCB assembly people to use an alternative part with similar or better specifications, at least on paper. Being cautious sorts by nature we would first prove the design with the substitute part, before production re-commenced. Just as well we did as the new part proved to insufficiently robust against all the test scenarios we challenge our designs to.

So we had an unscheduled back to the drawing board moment, involving new device search and evaluation phases. This time around testing proved entirely successfully. Production was recommenced and the first full batch of the revised units is due shortly, in early June.

Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused at this busy time of year for classic events.


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