Delayed in Post

We have consistently found the Royal Mail postal service to offer a convenient, reasonably priced and reliable service, and suited to the delivery requirements of DRL. There have been occasions when packages to our non-UK customers have been delayed, but really these are few and far between.

However a package sent to Dubai has become our new benchmark of postal inefficiency.

A dynamo regulator sent out in early January apparently reached Dubai within a couple of weeks, but the UAR postal service had failed to see it passed on to the customer. It was returned to the UK in late February. From time to time I rechecked the tracking details, but the packet seemed to have become stuck in the returns center. Meanwhile a new item was sent out to the UK address of a party who would forward it to our customer in due course.

I never got around to filling in the RM claim form and had really forgotten this loss of a mail item. Until last Saturday, 19 May, when postman delivered it returned to sender. Some 22 weeks in all had elapsed since posting. Hope never to see this performance eclipsed!

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