Electronic Dynamo Regulator Expertise since 2007. That is when our DVR2 first appeared. So we have now been selling replacement electronic dynamo regulators for more than a decade. How the time flies.

For the first 3 years the DVR2 was sold under the MTML label. The ‘Monitoring’ part Manor Technology Monitoring Ltd referred to metal particle in oil monitoring. When that company was sold for its patented metallic debris in oil detection technology in 2010, the growing regulator side of the business was hived off as the company ‘Dynamo Regulators Ltd’, of which I remain the sole Director.

Regulator sales have grown year on year each and every year. New products, such as the higher output DVR3 and DVR4 units, have been steadily introduced over the years. I sincerely believe that we design and develop, market and support the widest and most advanced range of electronic dynamo regulators anywhere in the world.

Michael J Hutchings,

Director, Dynamo Regulators Ltd