Electro Dynamic Solutions Ltd

The dust has by now well and truly settled following transfer of the DVR3 & DVR4 regulator products to Electro Dynamic Solutions Ltd. Peter, the company Director, will be able to help with everything related to these well established products. Wishing EDS a successful future in supplying the best Voltage Regulators for Classic Cars and other vehicles equipped with Dynamos (or DC generators).

For Dynamo Regulators it is satisfying that we are once more able to concentrate on the sales and support of our very successful DVR2 regulators. Helping to provide reliable charging to classic motorcycles around the world.

DVR3 & DVR4 regulator products

On February 12th 2019 I wrote on dynamoregulators.com:

“I aim to streamline our business and focus on our DVR2 regulators (primarily aimed at motorcycle use). Therefore I am seeking to exclusively licence our popular DVR3 & DVR4 products to a Professional Business; one with the appropriate technical and commercial skills and ambition. If interested please contact me for a confidential chat.”

We have sound reasons for wishing to concentrate on the DVR2 as our main product line. Not least is that this move will free up some time for other activities. The change would have to come at some point with advancing years, and my recent illness has helped to prompt a rethink of the work-life balance thing. And a change is as good as a rest, so it is said.

Our DVR3 & 4 were established about 10 years ago following the success of the DVR2. They proved to be popular and sales grew ‘organically’, almost exclusively by word of mouth. These regulators provide a robust and precise electronic regulator solution for older vehicles. They are probably most cost effective product of their ilk in the classic marketplace. We have already received comments saying “it’s a shame you are ceasing to sell such a good product”, or “will you rethink your decision?” However we really hope these regulators will remain available, albeit via another outlet.

We are now seeking a company to take on these products so sales can continue into the future. Ideally we envisage licencing the products so they can be manufactured and marketed independently of Dynamo Regulators Ltd. Our interest would be maintained by a modest royalty on items sold. So the new company would need some electronic product design & manufacturing expertise, suitable marketing and sales skills, and familiarity with dynamo charging systems on classic vehicles. The current income from the DVR3 & 4 product lines is some tens of thousand of pounds per annum. With some advertising and creating a higher profile this turnover could be increased to a 6 figure sum with confidence.

So if you are interested in the potential for this new business venture please contact Mike Hutchings on 01489 880552 or mjh@dynamoregulators.com for a preliminary discussion of the possibilities.